A Spontaneous Sunset Photoshoot at Week 26

Last Thursday, on the way home after meeting with a potential client at Starbucks to discuss ideas for her graduation photoshoot, I was struck by another one of those blissful moments in the car. The air was warm. The sun was soft. The weather was cooler unlike the hot scorching temperature we have had in the last several weeks. And baby was kicking when I tried to talk to her. 

The offer we put in for the house in Elk Grove was accepted last week. We had an inspection walk-through on Wednesday which had me and Henry feeling even more giddy and excited. We remember it being very airy and spacious when walking in but we forgot how bright the house was. There are windows everywhere. There was even a large skylight in the main room, so the whole house was filled with natural light when we were there at 2pm for the inspection. 

Overwhelmed with happiness, I came home and asked Henry if we can finally go to the wild field down the street from our house to take some sunset photos. Surprisingly, he said yes! So I put on the tightest dress I own, sport my new tennis shoes and tried on a handful of shirts just to get this casual look that I saw some girl wore on Instagram. Then we drove down the street to an abandoned field just to take some photos to document this stage. 

At 27 weeks & 1 day today, baby is approximately 14 inches long and weighs about 2 lbs.
I am looking the best I’ve been since getting pregnant. I can somewhat hide the belly when I’m out shooting and working but otherwise, I’ve been proudly showing it off everywhere I go. 

On another note, I’ve been getting lots of backaches, mainly when I’m lying down. Sleeping has been really uncomfortable as lying on any side and all sides make my back hurts and my body sore. I can’t eat spicy food or greasy food anymore. I get heartburn wayyyy too easily that it is not worth it. I am addicted to the mint mojito coffee at Philz. Henry and I have been frequently there wayyy too often. Just thinking amount the amount of money wasted on coffee makes my stomach hurts so I started experimenting with making the mint mojito coffee at home. The first time turned out really good. 

I’ve been on Pinterest looking for ideas to decorate London’s room along with decoration ideas for the new house. Stay tuned cuz the next post will be all about those DIY projects. 

Happy Monday, love! 

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