3.5 months + counting

Another 2am post as I watch you sleep. It is official. I can’t do any work during the day anymore and I’m not even mad about it. So I resort to working late at night when you are fast asleep. Seems like 11:30pm-1:45 is the best time to work if I want to be uninterrupted. Then I’d crawl into bed and stare at you for another 10 mins.

Being your Mom has got to be one of the most amazing experiences ever. It is so, so much work, more than anything I have ever imagined but every time you smile back at me and Daddy with those biggo eyes and them curled up lips, everything is all forgotten.

Today, we accidentally matched and it makes my heart so happy. We went on a little Monday adventure today; getting Sharetea and visiting Milani afterward. Oh yeah, we also went to Homegoods, checked out Mama’s new studio and to Thai Chili for dinner where we rushed eating once you got fussy.

Nevertheless , mama is so proud of you. Daddy and I are waiting patiently for that big giggle still. So hurry!!! PLEASE?

We love you so much, my little chubster.

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