spring in downtown sacramento-21
Almond Blossom Field photo by the hubby, Henry Huynh

My name is Tra and this is my 16-month old daughter, London.  We live in a small town south of Sacramento, CA called Elk Grove with my husband, Henry, who took most of our photos. By trade, I am a full time wedding & family photographer at Two Twenty Photos. Henry and I got married for 5 years and traveled (like crazy) before having London. We always had this plan to have kids after 2-3 years of getting married but getting pregnant was wayyy harder than we expected. It took us almost 2 years to finally be pregnant with London. We called her our miracle baby and each day, though sometimes really hard, is a blessing!

I started this blog as a diary to document our baby journey but fell off grid when life got busier as London got older. Looking back, those entries were so precious so I wanted to start it back up again. Not only to share precious moments captured with London but also to share tips and insights I’ve gained along the way as a a working Mom in this modern age.

Share with me below topics you’d like to hear more about or even random thoughts you had while browsing this blog. I’d love to hear from you.

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xoxo- Tra

Spring Family Photo by Nate Castillo Photography.