Growing Pain


Well, technically Tuesday.

It’s 12:10am and I can hear her snoring gently next to me. Once in a while, she’s let out a little whimper. She had a mild fever today. Not sure if she’s teething or is getting sick from this bi-polar weather we’ve been having but she had been clingy since she woke up this morning.

I can hear the rain coming down now, tapping gently against our window. Earlier at 11:30pm, London had gone to bed but not even 10 mins after, she woke up crying excessively. Nursing didn’t help so I put her on my waist and we went outside to look for her bottle. For someone who never took the bottle when she was young, she sure loves chugging out of a bottle now at night. I like it too since she can tilt it toward her while laying down. You can’t do that with a half empty sippy cup cuz it’s mainly air that she’s taking in.

Of all the things we’ve gone through, teething has got to be the worst! Every time there’s a new tooth coming in, baby girl would get a fever. And when she gets a fever, she is so miserable that she’d cry and cry and cry. I for one are very hesitant with giving her meds but when this happens, we’d find that ibuprofen works really well with lessening the pain. And though Henry and I are very much against her excessively watching YouTube on the iPad, we have to cave in cuz it’s the only thing that can distract her from this growing pain.

Her first tooth came in when she was 9 months old. It was the first time that she got sick. I remember that night so well because Henry ran to Walgreens twice to get her meds. At 16 months, she now has 7 teeth total: 4 up top and 3 at the bottom. A month ago, she got a fever and not soon after, I saw 2 more teeth trying to come out at the top. I still haven’t seen them come out yet but these are her canine teeth. I wonder if those take longer?

I’m so excited to see the new teeth but I’m also so ready for this teething period to be over and done with!!!

Yes! I put string lights around my daughter just so I can snap a quick pic of her sleeping soundly to provide some visual for this post.

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