3.5 months + counting

Another 2am post as I watch you sleep. It is official. I can’t do any work during the day anymore and I’m not even mad about it. So I resort to working late at night when you are fast asleep. Seems like 11:30pm-1:45 is the best time to work if I want to be uninterrupted. Then I’d crawl into bed and stare at you for another 10 mins.

Being your Mom has got to be one of the most amazing experiences ever. It is so, so much work, more than anything I have ever imagined but every time you smile back at me and Daddy with those biggo eyes and them curled up lips, everything is all forgotten.

Today, we accidentally matched and it makes my heart so happy. We went on a little Monday adventure today; getting Sharetea and visiting Milani afterward. Oh yeah, we also went to Homegoods, checked out Mama’s new studio and to Thai Chili for dinner where we rushed eating once you got fussy.

Nevertheless , mama is so proud of you. Daddy and I are waiting patiently for that big giggle still. So hurry!!! PLEASE?

We love you so much, my little chubster.


2AM: Watching you sleep and I am so in love.

Lil’ brat, you can’t sleep without Mama being right next to you. How can you be such a sensitive sleeper? Some times I really think you have super sensors on your back because as soon as I put you down, your eyes would open and you’re up again, staring at me and Daddy with those biggo puppy-dog eyes.

Though some nights, lots of nights, are so difficult, I would look at you and feel so proud that you are growing so big.

I love you, my little love bug.

8 weeks old.

Day 3 with London

Time: 4:30pm.

Location: At the hospital still.

Dead this morning after Henry and I took turn to stay up with London last night while she went under the bili-light to try to decrease her jaundice level.

All that work and it only went down just a little bit. We were a bit disappointed but we weren’t surprised. Last night I asked and was told it was okay to take her out to feed and comfort her. It wasn’t a stern no so we ended up taking her out pretty frequently. She was so miserable and cold under there and every time she cried, it broke my heart.

At 4am, two nurses came in to change the bili-light machine. One gave us a binky and it was probably the best present we ever got!

This morning, the Dr suggested that we try to get London to poop it out. So in addition to the colostrum I am producing for her food, we agreed to add some formula in there as well. To avoid nipple confusion, we fed her with a syringe instead.

Henry is a pro at this Daddy thing.

I feed and comfort her and he pretty much does everything else.

After the 2nd blood draw came in, we were able to take her off of the bili-lights, wrap her up nice & warm like the little burrito that she is and held her for as long as we want.

First Game with London

I just spent the last 30 mins playing a game with London. I woke up at 1:45 to go pee and drink some water. Then I sensed her kick. Just for fun, I pushed back on my stomach at the same spot where she kicked just to see if she would notice. Next thing you know, she kicked back. I did it again and she kicked me back again.

We went back and forth at the same spot for about 6 more times. Just for giggles, I poked her on the opposite side where I’m assuming her arm is. Next thing you know, Little Miss Boxer came punching like crazy.

I laid in the dark grinning like an idiot. We played like this for 30 mins until I had to go pee again. Hahahahah

This is so exciting that I have to jot it down (even if it is 3am in the morning.) Sooooo happy that she knows to respond now. Can’t wait to have Henry experience this with her later. He is going to freak out!!!!


Photos by Kaylie Nguyen Photography.

London’s Mint Blue, Free-Spirited Arrow Accent Wall (DIY Tutorial)

Henry and I were so surprised and flattered by all of the responses to London’s reveal wall video that I posted to Facebook. So I wanted to share the thought process behind the design and how we made it come alive.


I have always known that I wanted London’s room to be very light and airy and was contemplating between a mint blue or light coral. In the end, we choose the color “Balmy” by Sherwin Williams Paint.


Since the arrows are white, I knew the background color has to be white. But our current wall is a beige color so we got it painted one coat of white first. Then last Thursday night while the hubby was out with the guys, I measured London’s room and started to draft up the design since I had no idea how far apart the lines should be or how long each arrows are based on the inspiration photo alone.

End up, London’s room is 8×11-ft. I pulled a picture of the Kendall crib I ordered online, took the measurements and pasted into proportion. The crib is 3 ft tall. Design wise, I started the first arrow line 1.5 ft from the bottom and make each arrow 1.5 ft apart. For the arrowheads, I alternated between 2 and 3 arrowheads for each line.

For the actual horizontal lines, my sister suggested making it thicker and the arrowhead more narrow since she likes the slender look more. It turned out to be an excellent idea. So Henry went out the next day and bought these two different sizes of painter tape:


We used a meter stick to measure and mark the wall. Then a leveler to draw a straight horizontal line across.

Each side of the arrow is 12-inch long. The best way to get a perfect cut is to have it slightly rested on an even surface. Since there’s no furniture in the room yet, I laid the tape out on the cardboard box, marked the 12-inch, 24-inch and 36-inch point (on the cardboard) and cut the tape appropriately.

As you can see here in the video, I had a ladder around so I placed the foot long arrow on the ladder so Henry can get them quickly to tape them to the wall. As for the angle of the arrowheads, we eyeballed and placed it at 45 degree to the arrow. *** To make sure that they are evenly parted, each arrow line was placed 3 inches from each other. We marked this on the arrow line to make sure it is even ****

Here’s the actual video of the process:

*** before painting, make sure all of the tape are pressed really firmly against the wall. This way there’s less chance of the paint seeping through and ruin the lines.

Then we painted the rooms with 2 coats. Like I said, we used “Balmy” from Sherwin William.

To speed up the drying process, I had a fan blowing back and forth (since it was 9pm when we got done with the first coat.)

Now comes the big reveal!!!!

I was so afraid that the color is not dark enough to make the arrows stand out but no! The color is perfect since we want to keep London’s room bright and airy.

3 days later:

Last night we finally got around to put London’s crib up. This is how her nursery is looking so far during the day.

I hope you enjoy the content. Our house is a work in progress still but each improvement project we get done means we are one step closer to meeting her. And we cannot wait!!!!

Until the next post, take care!


A Spontaneous Sunset Photoshoot at Week 26

Last Thursday, on the way home after meeting with a potential client at Starbucks to discuss ideas for her graduation photoshoot, I was struck by another one of those blissful moments in the car. The air was warm. The sun was soft. The weather was cooler unlike the hot scorching temperature we have had in the last several weeks. And baby was kicking when I tried to talk to her. 

The offer we put in for the house in Elk Grove was accepted last week. We had an inspection walk-through on Wednesday which had me and Henry feeling even more giddy and excited. We remember it being very airy and spacious when walking in but we forgot how bright the house was. There are windows everywhere. There was even a large skylight in the main room, so the whole house was filled with natural light when we were there at 2pm for the inspection. 

Overwhelmed with happiness, I came home and asked Henry if we can finally go to the wild field down the street from our house to take some sunset photos. Surprisingly, he said yes! So I put on the tightest dress I own, sport my new tennis shoes and tried on a handful of shirts just to get this casual look that I saw some girl wore on Instagram. Then we drove down the street to an abandoned field just to take some photos to document this stage. 

At 27 weeks & 1 day today, baby is approximately 14 inches long and weighs about 2 lbs.
I am looking the best I’ve been since getting pregnant. I can somewhat hide the belly when I’m out shooting and working but otherwise, I’ve been proudly showing it off everywhere I go. 

On another note, I’ve been getting lots of backaches, mainly when I’m lying down. Sleeping has been really uncomfortable as lying on any side and all sides make my back hurts and my body sore. I can’t eat spicy food or greasy food anymore. I get heartburn wayyyy too easily that it is not worth it. I am addicted to the mint mojito coffee at Philz. Henry and I have been frequently there wayyy too often. Just thinking amount the amount of money wasted on coffee makes my stomach hurts so I started experimenting with making the mint mojito coffee at home. The first time turned out really good. 

I’ve been on Pinterest looking for ideas to decorate London’s room along with decoration ideas for the new house. Stay tuned cuz the next post will be all about those DIY projects. 

Happy Monday, love! 

Baby Kicks

Henry and I are such dorks. 

Last night, I was supposed to be productive and finish editing a wedding gallery while he was supposed to get ready for bed (since he works at 4am each morning). At 9pm while sitting in front of the computer, I had this brilliant idea to shine a flash light through my stomach to see if we can make London kick. I read that by now at 25 weeks, she can’t open her eyes yet but she should be able to detect light. She’ll either love it or hate it but either way, it should get some sort of reaction out of her. Henry has been against this idea for a long time so I was surprised he went along last night.

Like with a stethoscope, he shined it from one side of my belly and gently dragged it to the other side. I tried so hard to stay still to feel baby girl’s kicks. 


At 9:30pm, Henry brought in a portable speaker so we were blasting rock music to my belly. Then we switched over to playing 90’s R&B to her.  She started to kick here and there. I think we only got one or two semi-strong ones out of her. Then I tried eating an ice cream sandwich but nope! She only gave me a few soft kicks and that was it!!! 😏😏

We ended up falling asleep listening to 90’s R&B music around 10. We didn’t feel as many kicks as we had hoped to but I want to document this moment because little moments like these made my heart flutters: sitting in bed at 9:30 with the Hubby, eating ice cream without spilling on the white sheets and listening to Al Green blasting through the speaker.

9/5/17: 25 weeks. Baby is approx 13 inches and weigh about 1.5 lbs. 

“Dear London”: A letter to my unborn baby

Dear London,

Mommy and Daddy have never been happier and it is all because of you.

Since day 1, you’ve been so good to Mommy. No morning sickness. No excessive fatigue. And now I just received news from the lab that I don’t have gestation diabetes neither.

Thank you for being so good to Mommy.  Last week when the Doctor said that you weigh in the 75th percentile of babies in your group, we were so happy that we nearly cried. You, my little child, weigh more than 75% of the other kids in your category. Wah!!!!! I am so proud!

Today Mommy and Daddy received an offer on our house. After some considerations, we decided to accept it. If everything works out, we will close in 25 days. This means starting this week, we can start looking at houses to buy. And do you know what Mommy is most excited about out of all of this?

“What will London’s room look like?”

You might not realize it yet but you are soooo loved, my little one. So continue to grow strong and healthy. Mommy and Daddy cannot wait to meet you soon.

8/30/17- 24 weeks and  4 days along.

Pretty Morning Light 

Woke up at 4 because I was so hungry. I tried to stay in bed a bit longer but that didn’t turn into anything productive. I was browsing on Instagram the whole time. 😏😏 

So I got up and started editing.

 Then the prettiest light came through the window pane. 


Check out Jixer’s lil’ tail: 

And of course the bump. 

#24weeks and counting. Exciting that I can feel baby girl’s kicks now. 

7:45am: Now that I’ve eaten, worked and BS’s around a bit, I think I’ll go back to bed for a little while now. See you in 2 hrs. 

22 Weeks: Selling Our House 

We’ve talked about selling our house and moving to a neighborhood with a better school district since getting pregnant but the thought of cleaning and fixing up the house was just too overwhelming. After 3 months of sitting on the fence about it though, we are making it happen with the help of our realtor and his team!

Right after we signed the contract, the following morning this sign was erected on our front lawn. It was surprisingly quick, alarming yet impressive! Henry came home and was like, “Shit! It’s really happening babe!”

When I moved to CA from FL in 2007, the market was so high that I never thought I’d be able to own a house here. But when the economy crashed, my Mom urged me to take the opportunity to invest into a property. With my parents and my older brother’s help, I was able to buy a home on my own at age 25. It wasn’t easy though. I remember struggling a lot at the time to make mortgage payment and to be able to pay off all the bills each month. 

Back in April 2010 when we closed escrow. 

Last week, we got quotes from the contractor and the yard guy so this week, they are here to help us fix up the house. Henry and I tried to do some of it ourselves but we are not handy ppl. So  we decided to just leave it to the professionals to do it right and to do it fast!

We are hoping to be able to list the house next week and sell it within the next 2 months. The housing market is so hot right now so hopefully that is a realistic goal! 

We are ready to start a new chapter of our lives with a new house, a new baby on a new adventure. 

Wouldn’t it be amazing if we are able to sell the house AND buy a new one within that 2 month window though? Realistically, I’m hoping to be able to get into a new place before Thanksgiving but I’m crossing my fingers and toes & hoping for sooner.

Btw, overalls is my new obsession. Life lately has been a struggle with looking cute and finding pants that will fit. I got these at Goodwill earlier this week and I am in love!!! They are just so cute and convenient. 

Got to get out of bed now. I have to meet up with our realtor and contractor this morning to go buy laminate to redo the flooring. 

Until next post, take care guys!!!