Forgotten Memories 

Like thin air. 

Evaporated steam. 

Forgotten memories. 

Moments that passed by without notice. 

Was it even real then since you can’t remember it, touch it or feel it?

I used to write a lot when I was younger. Keeping diaries of things that happened, boys that I was crushing on and things I that I was planning with my friends. Then life happened. Got too busy, no, too lazy, so I stopped writing as much. 

My grammar was terrible as well. Verb tenses always mess me up. But I noticed that as I write more and more, especially in college, at work and in grad school, it got better and better. 

I’ve been trying to find a purpose for this blog and I think one of them should be to write creatively. Maybe some of my travel, ootd, spontaneous exploration and maybe even attempting to write more poetries. 

Share with me. What are some fun things you’ve written about lately? 

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