First Night in Japan

First night in Shinjuku: 
– Custom was super smooth and easy.

– Was so confused about money conversion and thought that our uber ride was $27 but it turned out to be $263 😭😭😭. 
Oh well, just have to take the bullet since we can’t do much about it anymore. We were stranded on the plane for 3 hrs in LAX cuz of some machine problem and was so tired. (Yes, we knew about the train but in my confused state thought, “oh, that’s not so expensive for a 1.5 hr ride into the city. How can he pay for gas and toll with $27? 😜😜😜 ) Just going tothink of it as a rookie mistake. Going to eat musubi spam for the rest of the trip now. 

– Arrived at our super clean studio Airbnb. Super amazed how they can fit everything into such a tiny space. Showered cuz my hair was super flat. Went around at 9 to scout for food and decided on a charcolal grilled meat restaurant. Was so confused about portion (how much is 100 gram?) and kept changing order at the grilled meat restaurant (the poor waiter). 

–  Note: Smoking is allowed inside of the restaurant here. 

– Laughed our butts off when they have this spray so you can get the charcoal smell off when you leave. Seriously, it is the most interesting invention ever. 

– Walked around in Shinjuku at 11pm to find what looked like Times Square. Tons of young people are out everywhere, very fashionable young ppl. 


– At the crosswalk, once the walking signal turned on, it seemed as though herds and herds of ppl rushed across the street. 

– Walked by tons of what seemed to be called “ladies bars”. Guys with laminated printout picture of different girls “available”(? Like inventory) stood outside. I’m assuming these are girls to accompany you while you chat with your other guy friends and have drinks? Like coffee shops in SoCal? Cuz some girls were standing outside too with a chalkboard with their name and what looked like “60 mins for $30?” (Why can’t I read Japanese? 😣😣😣 

That seemed cheap for anything else. 

– The funny thing is that mainly guys in suits are outside of the establishments with these signs. When girls are standing outside, they are bundled up in big poofy jackets cuz it was so chilly outside. (Def not a way to sell.😜😜😜). I told Henry he should go experience that and let me know what and how it is. Hahahah.

– I noticed that there seemed to be more guys out than girls. Like tons of guys are out in the street here. Guys here in general are really tall and slim, and they all seem to have similar haircuts.

(4:15am.. going back to sleep now.) 

Until tomorrow. I am going to attempt to write briefly everyday cuz I noticed the details are more vivid when I do so instead of waiting until I come back. 

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