It was Sunday, April 16, 2017 at 4:30pm. We just got home from a 2.5 hr drive from San Jose, after spending 18 days in Asia visiting Japan, Hong Kong and Korea. 

When I was Hong Kong, the smell of pig intestines at the street stalls made me very uncomfortable. I’ve been taking my temperature for the ovulation app and it was over 98 degree for over 2 weeks. My friend Mai said that her temperature was over 98 degree for 2 consecutive weeks after she got pregnant so I was suspicious. I was hungry very often too. And my sense of smell is spiked, esp with bad smell.

So right after we got back from the trip, I told Henry let’s go to Walgreens to buy a pregnancy test. It was about 4pm when we got home. I thought, “They said it is best to test in the morning when your pee is concentrated. So until then, let me use one of these cheap pregnancy test strip that’s in the ovulation kit. I’ll use the expensive pregnancy test tomorrow.”

Low and behold, that strip came out positive. I screamed so loud cuz it had never turned positive before on the many, many times that I have tested. It was always 1 red line showing across, which is a negative. So I couldn’t believe it. THERE ARE 2 FREAKEN LINES HERE. 

Henry ran in and we hugged each other and we just cried. 

Then I said, “Hold on! Hold on! Let me test with the expensive one too, just to make sure since this one is so cheap.”

It took forever for the result to come out. But finally after what seemed like an eternity, okay, like 3 minutes, it said “pregnant”. 

Holy shit! I screamed even louder. 

Henry freaked out and ran into the bathroom to make sure I am okay. I waved to exposed strip in front of him to show the huge “Pregnant” result. Instantly tears busted out and we cried and cried. It is the best thing that has happened to us. 

Henry’s like, “Do I really have to hold your pee stick?” 

We have been trying for a year and a half now and it finally happened!!!! We are going to be parents!!!!! 

We called our parents who didn’t answer. We called our nieces and they freaked out!!!!! For the last 2 years that they have been nagging me for a cousin, it has finally happened. 

The cutest part was that they ran around the house screaming. 

Then the funniest thing happened at 7:15. my Dad read the message on FB and replied with a Thumbs up! Seriously, my Dad never reply to anything.  How the heck does he even know how to do that? 

But like my sister said, “some reactions can only be expressed through emoji.”

And making miracle is one of those things!!! 

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