22 Weeks: Selling Our House 

We’ve talked about selling our house and moving to a neighborhood with a better school district since getting pregnant but the thought of cleaning and fixing up the house was just too overwhelming. After 3 months of sitting on the fence about it though, we are making it happen with the help of our realtor and his team!

Right after we signed the contract, the following morning this sign was erected on our front lawn. It was surprisingly quick, alarming yet impressive! Henry came home and was like, “Shit! It’s really happening babe!”

When I moved to CA from FL in 2007, the market was so high that I never thought I’d be able to own a house here. But when the economy crashed, my Mom urged me to take the opportunity to invest into a property. With my parents and my older brother’s help, I was able to buy a home on my own at age 25. It wasn’t easy though. I remember struggling a lot at the time to make mortgage payment and to be able to pay off all the bills each month. 

Back in April 2010 when we closed escrow. 

Last week, we got quotes from the contractor and the yard guy so this week, they are here to help us fix up the house. Henry and I tried to do some of it ourselves but we are not handy ppl. So  we decided to just leave it to the professionals to do it right and to do it fast!

We are hoping to be able to list the house next week and sell it within the next 2 months. The housing market is so hot right now so hopefully that is a realistic goal! 

We are ready to start a new chapter of our lives with a new house, a new baby on a new adventure. 

Wouldn’t it be amazing if we are able to sell the house AND buy a new one within that 2 month window though? Realistically, I’m hoping to be able to get into a new place before Thanksgiving but I’m crossing my fingers and toes & hoping for sooner.

Btw, overalls is my new obsession. Life lately has been a struggle with looking cute and finding pants that will fit. I got these at Goodwill earlier this week and I am in love!!! They are just so cute and convenient. 

Got to get out of bed now. I have to meet up with our realtor and contractor this morning to go buy laminate to redo the flooring. 

Until next post, take care guys!!!


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