“Dear London”: A letter to my unborn baby

Dear London,

Mommy and Daddy have never been happier and it is all because of you.

Since day 1, you’ve been so good to Mommy. No morning sickness. No excessive fatigue. And now I just received news from the lab that I don’t have gestation diabetes neither.

Thank you for being so good to Mommy.  Last week when the Doctor said that you weigh in the 75th percentile of babies in your group, we were so happy that we nearly cried. You, my little child, weigh more than 75% of the other kids in your category. Wah!!!!! I am so proud!

Today Mommy and Daddy received an offer on our house. After some considerations, we decided to accept it. If everything works out, we will close in 25 days. This means starting this week, we can start looking at houses to buy. And do you know what Mommy is most excited about out of all of this?

“What will London’s room look like?”

You might not realize it yet but you are soooo loved, my little one. So continue to grow strong and healthy. Mommy and Daddy cannot wait to meet you soon.

8/30/17- 24 weeks and  4 days along.

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