Baby Kicks

Henry and I are such dorks. 

Last night, I was supposed to be productive and finish editing a wedding gallery while he was supposed to get ready for bed (since he works at 4am each morning). At 9pm while sitting in front of the computer, I had this brilliant idea to shine a flash light through my stomach to see if we can make London kick. I read that by now at 25 weeks, she can’t open her eyes yet but she should be able to detect light. She’ll either love it or hate it but either way, it should get some sort of reaction out of her. Henry has been against this idea for a long time so I was surprised he went along last night.

Like with a stethoscope, he shined it from one side of my belly and gently dragged it to the other side. I tried so hard to stay still to feel baby girl’s kicks. 


At 9:30pm, Henry brought in a portable speaker so we were blasting rock music to my belly. Then we switched over to playing 90’s R&B to her.  She started to kick here and there. I think we only got one or two semi-strong ones out of her. Then I tried eating an ice cream sandwich but nope! She only gave me a few soft kicks and that was it!!! 😏😏

We ended up falling asleep listening to 90’s R&B music around 10. We didn’t feel as many kicks as we had hoped to but I want to document this moment because little moments like these made my heart flutters: sitting in bed at 9:30 with the Hubby, eating ice cream without spilling on the white sheets and listening to Al Green blasting through the speaker.

9/5/17: 25 weeks. Baby is approx 13 inches and weigh about 1.5 lbs. 

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