Day 3 with London

Time: 4:30pm.

Location: At the hospital still.

Dead this morning after Henry and I took turn to stay up with London last night while she went under the bili-light to try to decrease her jaundice level.

All that work and it only went down just a little bit. We were a bit disappointed but we weren’t surprised. Last night I asked and was told it was okay to take her out to feed and comfort her. It wasn’t a stern no so we ended up taking her out pretty frequently. She was so miserable and cold under there and every time she cried, it broke my heart.

At 4am, two nurses came in to change the bili-light machine. One gave us a binky and it was probably the best present we ever got!

This morning, the Dr suggested that we try to get London to poop it out. So in addition to the colostrum I am producing for her food, we agreed to add some formula in there as well. To avoid nipple confusion, we fed her with a syringe instead.

Henry is a pro at this Daddy thing.

I feed and comfort her and he pretty much does everything else.

After the 2nd blood draw came in, we were able to take her off of the bili-lights, wrap her up nice & warm like the little burrito that she is and held her for as long as we want.

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