First Game with London

I just spent the last 30 mins playing a game with London. I woke up at 1:45 to go pee and drink some water. Then I sensed her kick. Just for fun, I pushed back on my stomach at the same spot where she kicked just to see if she would notice. Next thing you know, she kicked back. I did it again and she kicked me back again.

We went back and forth at the same spot for about 6 more times. Just for giggles, I poked her on the opposite side where I’m assuming her arm is. Next thing you know, Little Miss Boxer came punching like crazy.

I laid in the dark grinning like an idiot. We played like this for 30 mins until I had to go pee again. Hahahahah

This is so exciting that I have to jot it down (even if it is 3am in the morning.) Sooooo happy that she knows to respond now. Can’t wait to have Henry experience this with her later. He is going to freak out!!!!


Photos by Kaylie Nguyen Photography.

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